Unique in the UK, The Fore offers business partners the chance to support a highly-vetted pipeline of the best early-stage charities and social enterprises and connect their staff with exciting, frontline, skilled-volunteering opportunities.

This is a new kind of corporate philanthropy:

  • Low risk
  • High impact
  • Cost effective
  • Exciting for employees

The Fore sifts and analyses more than 1,200 applications a year to find innovative and high potential small charities and social enterprises tackling issues ranging from youth violence, to mental health, to food poverty.  The Fore’s corporate partners and their employees play a pivotal role in final funding decisions and provide bespoke pro bono, strategic and trusteeship support for the selected group of organisations.  

The Fore offers two main partnership models for businesses:

Full Corporate Partner – includes seats on investment-style funding panels and bespoke matchmaking for pro bono roles and trusteeships

Associate Corporate Partner – access to pro bono opportunities and exciting networking events

Please see table below for more details.  For more information on partnership models or to discuss other ways your business may work with The Fore, contact Audrey Slade, Director of Partnerships: audrey@thefore.org

What our Corporate Partners Say

“I didn’t think I’d have time to do more than attend a panel meeting but I was so impressed by the quality and the ambition of the charities and social enterprises presented that I had to find out more. After providing some initial mentoring, I’ve now a proud board member of The Onion Collective, an amazing civic regeneration project in Somerset.”

David Blair, Global CEO of FITCH.

“I feel honoured to be part of this group and hope I can contribute going forward.”

Dharma Laloobhai, Director EII, BlackRock.

“I expected the experience to be exciting – but it has been more than that; it has been moving. The funding panels and events have been excellent to get to know the most promising UK non-profits. Most of all I’ve enjoyed working with Joel from Tutors United who is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs in London.”

Pauline Roteta, Vice President and member of the Global Infrastructure Solutions Team at BlackRock.

“What I really enjoy is that it’s a chance to take some of the skills that we have used here and apply them in a different and, more importantly, in a worthy setting. I really enjoy it and I strongly recommend it.”

Colin Ellis, Chief Credit Officer for EMEA, Moody’s