The Funding Offer

  • How much and over what time period is funding available?

    The Fore will make grants of up to £30,000 which may be spread over one to three years. We ask you to tell us in your application the total amount of funding you are requesting and over what time period. Please note that our maximum grant size is £30,000 in total.

  • What can the funding be used for? Does The Fore fund core costs?

    We offer unrestricted grants that can be used for any purpose, including core costs and capital funding. The key thing to note is that we are looking to make grants that will strengthen your organisation internally and help it take the next step forwards in its growth or sustainability. Our grant might help you grow, increase your internal capacity, serve new beneficiary groups, become more sustainable or more efficient – we don’t mind, we just want you to be able to be better at what you do. We want our grants to have a transformational impact on the organisations we fund. If you are applying for core costs, you must demonstrate how this use of the funds will move your organisation forwards, as opposed to enabling ‘business as usual.’

  • Will everyone who applies for funding receive a grant?

    Unfortunately our funding rounds are highly competitive, and we don’t have sufficient funding to make grants to all who apply. The Fore will provide every applicant with feedback, and unsuccessful applicants are welcome to reapply.

  • If I am successful, what will The Fore require in terms of monitoring?

    Grantees should expect a phone call every year to discuss their progress against the targets that have been agreed, alongside a short survey. There is no obligation to write and submit a report. We aim to provide support to our grantees and not to burden them with unnecessary reporting.


Registering for funding

  • How do I apply for funding?

    To apply for funding, organisations must first register some basic contact details at the start of the funding round. Dates for upcoming registration periods are always provided on our website in advance. When registration opens, a link to the registration form appears on this page.

    Once your place on the funding round has been confirmed by email, you have 3-4 weeks to submit an application document via a secure weblink – please see the guidelines for application for more details. Only organisations that have registered with us at the start of a funding round and were allocated a place, may submit an application for that funding round.

  • How long do you stay open for registration?

    Registration for our Summer 2023 Funding Round will be open from 12pm on 11th April to 12pm on 17th April 2023. During this time please register your interest on the Applying for Funding page. This takes around 2-3 minutes.

    On 18th April registered applicants will receive confirmation by email, if they have been allocated a place on the funding round. Details of how to apply will be included. If there are more applicants registered than places available, places will be allocated at random.

  • I have sent in my application by the secure weblink but have not heard back from The Fore.

    Please first check the spam/junk folder of the e-mail address you used to register. If you are still unable to locate an email from us confirming the receipt of your application please contact