#MatchOfTheWeek: Jim Vizzini (UBS) and Young People’s Counselling Service

January 18, 2022

YPCS provides psychoanalytical and integrative counselling and play therapies to children and young people through a team of experienced therapists. The team is run by a highly experienced Clinical Director who understands local needs and has the expertise to deliver services for them.  The clinically-experienced Board of Trustees includes a GP, an adult Mental Health Nurse, and a Lead Safeguarding Nurse, amongst others. There are no other local organisations in Peterborough that provide these high-level interventions outside the very limited statutory services. It has played a key role in the community over the last 25 years, having been set up by a GP who felt that counselling services for young people were poor in the area.

After securing a grant from The Fore, YPCS came to us with a request for support in an area where they had less expertise. At a time when the organisation was expanding, it needed to improve its financial systems to cope with multiple funding streams, and develop robust budgetary controls.

Jim Vizzini is an Equities Trader at UBS, a corporate partner of The Fore. He began his relationship with YPCS during the pandemic. At the time, the trustees were directly managing the service while also working their demanding day jobs. Covid had resulted in an increased demand for YPCS’ services, and consequently the trustees were struggling to cope with the volume of work and did not have time to focus on strategy and finance.

Jim began attending virtual trustee meetings to get a flavour of YPCS and its work, as well as the challenges it was facing at the time. He became an Ambassador for the charity and helped with strategic and financial development, enabling the organisation to transform from volunteer-led to a structured, employee-led operation with strong operating systems in place.

Jim has now become a trustee of YPCS, and his support was described by the organisation as ‘invaluable’.

As a new employer, YPCS also needed help developing HR policies and procedure. It was able to call on The Fore’s network again to find a volunteer based in Dubai who is helping YPCS to navigate its new role as an employer.

It is a testament to both the volunteers and YPCS that their collaboration has taken place virtually, and shows how remote volunteering can be equally effective as in-person. Throughout the pandemic, our corporate partner UBS, through their Community Impact programme, has helped to foster successful business mentoring relationships like the one between Jim and YPCS.

The Fore is proud to have introduced Jim to YPCS and that the organisation has benefitted so much from his continued support.