The Fore Announces its Autumn 2021 Grantees

November 17, 2021

The Fore is proud to announce the completion of its Autumn 2021 Funding Round. Through its core funding programme, The Fore has provided unrestricted grants to 14 small charities and social enterprises. The Fore provides critically needed seed funding, enabling small high-impact organisations to adapt their business models, drive greater impact, and increase sustainability.

For these rounds, The Fore continued its outreach to micro-organisations (incomes under £100,000) with the aim of reaching charities and social enterprises led by and working with marginalised groups. The results from our core programme were evident: micro-organisations submitted 54% of applications and received 64% of our grants this round[1]. This growing share of micro-organisations strongly suggests we have tapped into an area where demand is not currently being met.

The Fore is particularly proud of the regional distribution of applications for its funding; this funding round 86% of applications were from organisations from outside London, the highest proportion since the Fore’s inception. This proportion validates the effort The Fore has invested in engaging communities throughout the UK, increasing awareness of its work to support and resource small organisations. All grants from the Autumn 2021 Funding Round went to organisations based outside London as well.

The Fore provides each successful applicant with up to £15,000 in unrestricted grant funding over six to 18 months, alongside access to strategic advice, and pro bono support and training over to help organisations as they navigate opportunities and challenges related to building evidence and impact. This funding round was shaped in part by the feedback we received from past grantees which emphasised the importance of broader access to grants of this size for micro and small organisations.

Our trained consultant grant assessors, each of whom has at least 15 years of professional experience, conducted extensive due diligence on applications over a two-month period, ultimately selecting a shortlist to present to The Fore’s funding panels, composed of representatives of the Fore’s business partners, senior representatives from past grantees, and other supporters. The inclusion of past grantee leaders on the Fore’s funding panels ensures decisions are charity-driven and reflect the insights of community organisations creating tangible impact. 

Our inclusive, sector-agnostic approach to funding has yielded a vibrant new cohort of grantees; examples include:

  • Chopwell Regeneration is a grass roots community charity founded by local residents of a former mining village in rural west Gateshead who are improving the economic conditions of the village and its residents by opening a skills training all-day café that serves its patrons on a Pay-What-You-Feel donation basis.
  • Clowns Without Borders uses clowning performances and workshops to alleviate the suffering of children living through adversity in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones and situations of emergency, and teaches them how to be children again.
  • Linacre Institute helps under-represented students from northern state schools gain entry into top UK universities (often the “first in family” to attend university) through subject-specific, expert-led bespoke tutoring programmes. 
  • Paracheer International works to make cheerleading an inclusive activity that is open to people with mobility-related disabilities; It has developed over 50 disability inclusive cheerleading teams in over 17 countries.
  • Restart Enterprise provides welfare services and employability support to prisoners and ex-prisoners, hiring people who have either been just released or have been released on temporary licence.

The full list of organisations ultimately selected for funding are among the very best small charities and social enterprises in the UK. They include: 

 The Autumn 2021 Funding Round Grantees
AliceLinacre InstituteRestart Enterprise
Chopwell RegenerationManchester Urban DiggersSEAS Sailability
Clowns Without BoardersNorthumberland Pride Spring Centre
Feeding FamiliesParacheerStanding Tall
Humber Job Hub Potential Kids

We would like to congratulate all the successful organisations and thank our grant assessors for their hard work, which made this Funding Round possible. 

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About The Fore

The Fore is a ground-breaking funder in the UK charity sector catalysing fresh solutions to pressing social issues. The Fore’s venture capital-style approach to grant-funding and skills support has opened up access to finance and professional expertise for hundreds of innovative small charities and social enterprises. The Fore’s charity-led approach aims to treat applicants as experts in social change, challenging the power imbalance of many traditional funding models and enabling organisations to apply for what they need most.

Since its inception in 2017, The Fore has made over £6m in grants and offered over 8,000 hours of professional expertise to portfolio charities solving issues from knife crime to childhood obesity, to social isolation, food poverty and homelessness. The Fore works with a wide range of partners including BlackRock, Moody’s, Rothschild & Co., UBS, LGT Vestra, Golden Bottle Trust, Postcode Local Trust, The Four Acre Trust, Garfield Weston, The National Lottery Community Fund, Power to Change, The Lovington Foundation and other family trusts and individuals. The Fore’s collaborative model pools skills and resources to enable funding partners to efficiently find, fund and support innovative grassroots organisations. For more information, please see The Fore’s website: and Twitter feed: @theforetrust.

Please see below for more detailed information on our Autumn 2021 grantees:


Alice supports children and families in times of crisis within the communities of Stoke-On-Trent and Newcastle-Under-Lyme. To date they have undertaken over 4,000 welfare calls, fed 1,615 adults and 3,096 children through the provision of subsidised food in their community café and provided 126 families with crucial infant equipment. Alice is using funding from The Fore to employ a Digital Marketeer who will allow the organisation to increase their fundraising profile and reach new audiences with a focus on alerting young people to Alice’s services.

Chopwell Regeneration

Chopwell Regeneration is a grass roots community charity founded in 2017 by residents of a former mining village in rural west Gateshead to improve the economic conditions of the village and its residents. It is  opening a donation-driven café to train residents in hospitality industry skills, provide the community with a social space, and tackle food poverty among village residents. Chopwell Regeneration will use the The Fore grant to hire the chef and trainer who will run the café’s food services and teach the participants in the programme.

Clowns Without Borders

Clowns Without Borders UK is part of a global federation of organisations using clowning to promote personal and community pyscho-social healing for children in desperate humanitarian situations.  Through play, joy, and laughter, CWB teaches children how to be children again, helping them to heal, learn and thrive. Their participation in humanitarian programmes has been sought by large aid agencies, including Plan International, Save the Children, UNHCR, UNICEF, and Oxfam. CWB is using funding from The Fore to support development of a trading arm that will help independently finance their work.

Feeding Families

In partnership with local charities and organisations, Feeding Families fills gaps in food provision, giving emergency support to those not able to access food banks. Its work reaches victims of domestic violence, refugees and asylum seekers, individuals experiencing homelessness, and the elderly. It supports schools with provision for those who fall outside the free meals criteria and those with benefit delays. In the past 12 months it has delivered more than 78k meals to over 25k vulnerable people. Feeding Families is using funding from The Fore to purchase a van and scale up, allowing the organisation to meet demand currently unmet due to a lack of transportation.

Humber Job Hub

Humber Job Hub is a not-for-profit social enterprise set up by residents of East Riding to provide employment support to people who are unemployed and returning to work after children, illness, redundancy, or retirement. Humber job hub offers one-to-one, specialist guidance to those who cannot access services from the Job Centre and are not eligible for other kinds of support. The Fore’s grant will allow them to hire staff who will develop strategic partnerships with local businesses and other public sector stakeholders that will place more beneficiaries into jobs.

Linacre Institute

The Linacre Institute is a mentoring organisation helping students from northern state schools win places at leading universities where they are underrepresented. Its flagship programme is expert-led and designed around the academic aspirations and personal needs of students. The results achieved by the Linacre Institute are extraordinary: 98% of the participants won places at Russell Group universities, and 44% were accepted by Oxbridge. The Linacre Institute is using The Fore’s grant to employ a Partner School and Programme Coordinator. The role will enable the organisation to reach more beneficiaries and grow partnerships with local schools.

Manchester Urban Diggers

Manchester Urban Diggers (MUD) is a social enterprise that introduces people to urban food growing to improve food security across disadvantaged communities in Manchester. Since MUD’s launch in 2019, it has introduced over 500 residents to food growing, developed 6 local gardens, rejuvenated local spaces, and developed school gardens. MUD sells sustainably grown produce to help fund its work. They are using The Fore’s grant to recruit a part time Marketing Manager who will create and implement a marketing plan for a subscription offer of MUD’s products.

Northumberland Pride

Northumberland Pride serves the local LGBTQ+ community, addressing issues of integration, sexual health, physical activity, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and a range of mental health issues in a vast region where there is insufficient access to this kind of support.  The Fore’s grant will fund additional staff so they can expand the vital services they offer  and free senior leadership to focus on developing the organisation’s ongoing strategy and sustainability plans.


Paracheer International works to make cheerleading an inclusive activity that is open to people with mobility-related disabilities. Global experts in inclusive cheerleading, Paracheer has developed over 50 disability inclusive cheerleading teams in over 17 countries  through the provision of athlete workshops, training for coaches and the development of governance standards. In the UK, there are four Paracheer cheerleading hubs where disabled people can learn and participate in the sport. The Fore grant will expand this by two additional hubs, bringing Paracheer closer to more communities and their residents.

Potential Kids

Potential Kids is a Hertfordshire-based charity improving the wellbeing of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), their parents, carers and families. PK offers a ‘safe place’ to socialize that the whole family can make use of, and it offers a variety of activities including yoga, mindfulness classes, 1:1 cycling sessions, and art therapy. PK is using funding from The Fore to employ two part-time Programme Coordinators to serve more children, carers, and families as well as increase the organisation’s profile and fundraising initiatives.

Restart Enterprise

Restart is a young and dynamic social enterprise promoting the well-being of those in prison, leaving prison, their family members, support networks and anyone in the local community affected by imprisonment. The organisation is unique in its approach, combining welfare services to prisoners and ex-prisoners with a social enterprise model where beneficiaries can also develop employability skills. Restart is using funding from The Fore to employ an Operations Manager who will assist the CEO in running current services. This will free up capacity and allow the organisation to develop new income-generating projects with a focus on rolling out services in more prisons.

SEAS Sailability

SEAS Sailability is a volunteer-led charity which supports disabled people from North Wales to get active and have adventures sailing on the Menai Strait in a safe and social environment. SS has grown from taking 40 disabled people, their families and carers sailing in 2017 to 938 in 2019. The Fore’s grant will fund a transformative new programme that will train former participants with disabilities to gain qualifications they need to participate as volunteers on future sailing events as well as match trainees with internships at local businesses.

Spring Centre

The Spring Centre is a charity supporting young people with a range of physical, mental and learning disabilities who, at 18, leave children’s provision but are not yet ready to manage the transition to adult facilities. The Spring Centre’s programme includes after school clubs, holiday clubs and pre-school services. They also connect parents with professionals who can help them in applications for further special needs support. The Spring Centre will use The Fore’s funding to hire an additional Support Worker to care for participants in its programmes, enabling the Centre to take more referrals from social services and diversify its revenue while aiding more beneficiaries.

Standing Tall

Standing Tall is a Birmingham-based CIO set up by Christy Acton, who previously founded a night shelter where he matched individuals experiencing homelessness with businesses willing to give them a chance. In response to that experience, he developed Standing Tall’s two-pronged approach to providing jobs and a stable home for the homeless. The organisation is using funding from The Fore to employ a Programme Coordinator in Bristol, where the charity is setting up a new hub.