ApparelXchange CIC Request

Organisation Description

ApparelXChange is dedicated to slowing down the impact of clothing consumption. We work with schools and social partners across Glasgow to create social impact, raise awareness, and encourage the reuse of kids and teen clothing. Our vision is to establish a clothing system for young people in Glasgow, which we can then replicate across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

We have a retail store as well as an online and processing hub. We see opportunities to diversify our existing model, which supports other circular ways of working and builds on trends in pre-loved resale.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking a trustee to join our Board of Directors. Ideally, the candidate will have expertise in either marketing or finance who can also provide strategic support. A trustee with marketing expertise will be able to support us with reaching out customer base and grow into a more sustainable business. A trustee with finance expertise will be able to support us with developing, costing and seeking investment for new services. We would also appreciate wider support for the overall financial management of our business. We are based in Glasgow and we are keen to find a volunteer who can physically attend our Board meetings. However, we are also open for the volunteer to work remotely.