Changing Relations C.I.C. Request

Organisation Description

Changing Relations uses the arts to transform the way people think about gender stereotypes and relationship behaviours. Our mission is to break down gender barriers, foster healthy relationships and transform lives.

To do this, we co-create art (e.g. film, animation, book) with people with lived experience to challenge thinking on specific themes and have built a powerful portfolio addressing a range of themes, including: domestic abuse, student attitudes to sex, toxic masculinity, girls’ body image/aspirations and sexting risks.

Our work is developed through listening to the needs expressed by our audience/participants. We give voice to those affected by the issues we are addressing, resulting in artworks that provide a safe, accessible way for our beneficiaries to explore difficult issues to which society often chooses to turn a blind eye.

We build training, workshops, resources and awareness campaigns around our artwork, stimulating meaningful engagement for schools, businesses and communities.

What are they looking for?

Finance It would be valuable to gain support around financial planning and the kind of reserve levels to plan for to develop a more sustainable base as a company. Law Support with partner agreements and client agreements would be valuable so that we protect are intellectual property rights as best as we can. We would also like guidance around models such as franchising. We have someone interested in our training offer who is based in Ireland and could be licensed to deliver our training in her own geographical area. Some support in how to set up this kind of arrangement would be really helpful.