Liskerrett Community Centre Request

Organisation Description

We are a community venue located in Liskeard in Cornwall. We manage a site comprising a range of buildings of varying age and condition and have ‘cornerstone’ tenants that are based here. Also a community garden and rooms including a hall that we let out on an adhoc basis. Used by nearly 800 people a week, our cornerstone tenants include a pre-school, a youth project supported by Young People Cornwall, a veggie cafe and10 artist in their own studios. We are members of the rural touring scheme, we have a monthly film screening, and support activities and events in the town. Our groups cover a wide range of activities from exercise, dance, music, crafts, also support groups. We have St Petrocs charity running outreach for homeless people and since March have been running a community wellbeing drop-in including crafts to try and free sandwiches. We are also a warmth bank.

What are they looking for?

We need to find a treasurer for the organisation and also need help from someone with expertise in updating our governance. Our long term plans for a new community and arts centre on an adjacent site have been shelved and we need to look with fresh eyes at what we have, (we own the site) and how we can best go forward whilst continuing to be a vital resource for our community, particularly now when community facilities are vital to community wellbeing. We are looking for someone who can give a commitment to the organisation, is willing to devote the necessary time and effort, has strategic vision and good independent judgement. They should be able to work effectively as a member of a team, have the ability to think creatively and be willing to speak their mind. They also need to understand and accept the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.