Sound Vision Request

Organisation Description

Sound Vision is a dynamic force for social change that opens opportunities for individuals who are disadvantaged or marginalised. We drive social mobility and link people across social, racial, gender orientation and generational divides.

Our mission is to create a more inclusive society with equal chances for all by helping those with higher levels of need to build their confidence, wellbeing and resilience.

We achieve this through a network of training hubs that offer skills-based learning in safe and non-judgemental environments where trainees develop their confidence and creativity by developing communications, media and music skills.

Our vision is for a fairer, more just, sustainable society where visionary leaders from all backgrounds drive social change.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking support with strategy and business planning. We are poised for growth and part of our development is to become a grant making trust that can directly support the personal and professional development of individuals in addition to our training programmes. We have objects and a constitution, meaning we are in a position to become grant makers. We also have existing networks and connections to significantly grow the work of our charity. However, we need support with building the business case for this and we need expertise to 'sense check' our plans and help realise the full potential of our charity. We welcome volunteers who can provide advice and support us with developing our business plan.