Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity Request

Organisation Description

Staffordshire Sexual Health Charity provides support, advice, education and counselling around sexuality, gender, HIV and sexual wellbeing.

We offer:
– Counselling and one-to-one support;
– Support groups and drop-ins;
– Training, education and accreditations;
– Prevention and testing.

Our clients include:

– Individuals;
– Schools, colleges and universities;
– Youth groups and other charities;
– Police cadets;
– Local authorities;
– Prisons and young offenders;
– Businesses and organisations.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking 2 volunteers to support us with Marketing and Communications and/or Strategy and Business Planning. 1. As a small charity, we are experiencing challenges with raising awareness of our services. We would appreciate support with developing a marketing and communications strategy, as well as identifying the most efficient ways of communicating with relevant organisations and individuals that would benefit from our services. 2. We have started developing a new strategic plan and we would appreciate support with developing this further. We would benefit from support with how we record and share our impact as a charity.