The Philosophy Foundation

Organisation Description

The Philosophy Foundation aims to develop autonomous learning, critical and creative thinking. This is done through philosophical enquiry with a focus on working in challenging schools in order to increase educational opportunities for disadvantaged pupils.

As well as cognitive gains sustained philosophical enquiry (e.g. a year) has been shown to improve concentration, collaboration and confidence.

TPF’s work also develops speaking and listening skills that are vital for literacy and emotional development, helps children who find it difficult to access other classes and stretches the under-challenged.

TPF is the only charity in the world that trains philosophy graduates in running philosophical enquiry with young people from nursery to A-Level, with a focus on primary and transition years for maximum impact.

They also work with teachers to develop good practice with a focus on developing questioning and enquiry skills to help support and sustain their work in schools.

What are they looking for?

We have a draft 5 year strategy in place but in order to settle on ways forward we could do with some accurate cash flow forecasts and projections, which although I have managed to do unguided for the last 10 years, really could do with some help as we try to find ways to expand.