The Reef-World Foundation Request

Organisation Description

Coral reefs may disappear in our lifetime and, if they go, the protection, health and wellbeing of people and our planet will be affected to the point of no return.

The Reef-World Foundation exists to inspire and empower people to change this, with a focus on promoting sustainable tourism standards through our flagship ‘Green Fins’ programme in partnership with UNEP. Green Fins provides the only globally recognised and accessible environmental standards and recognition for marine tourism companies.

Our work equips governments, diving businesses and individuals with the tools and knowledge to mitigate harmful environmental practices and reduce their ecological footprint. With 1 million new divers joining the 10 million already certified each year, we understand the sizeable impact and potential of scuba diving and snorkelling for the marine industry. Reef-World has developed an industry-wide approach to drive scalable positive change for reefs globally. Reef-World’s offering is strongly linked to the tourism sector, in particular marine and coastal, and the ‘blue economy’ in general.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking strategic support to identify how best to engage with the corporate world and how best to embed prospective corporate relationships within our strategy. We want to better understand how we could leverage support in this area and where we may see the best return for the investment of our time. This will help us build our in-house capacity to deal with the demand that would come from engaging the corporate world more widely. The ideal volunteer will be able to help us conduct a feasibility study and advise on how we should approach the corporate sector with the aim of raising funds, all whilst delivering our charitable objective and not jeopardising our values. Our new five year strategic plan will come into force in June 2023 and diversifying our income is a major objective, this expertise and any additional advice will help us to deliver on that. We are seeking a volunteer who can support us for 3 to 4 days per month, for 6 months in total. We have an existing hybrid working policy and the systems/processes in place to enable this.