The Fore offers the philanthropic sector a compelling opportunity for collaboration.

Charities and social enterprises frequently say that they want foundations to work together more. Collaboration is absolutely fundamental to The Fore’s approach – we could not achieve any of our results without the support of our partners.

For trusts, foundations and philanthropists, channelling charitable giving through The Fore has several key advantages:

1. Access to a pipeline of exceptional, high-potential, early-stage charities and social enterprises. These organisations are often hard to reach, and are selected from a pool of over a thousand applications per year. The Fore uses a cost-effective and expert-led due diligence process that not only selects the most compelling organisations, but also guarantees every applicant feedback and strategic guidance.

2. The Fore can connect its grantees to a pro bono support and business expertise sourced from its corporate partners (including BlackRock, Moody’s and Rothschild & Co.), providing key support for organisational development.

3. The Fore’s data-driven approach enables foundations to have effective impact measurement, even when offering unrestricted funding to a highly diverse group of organisations.

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