The Fore is committed to equal opportunities.  We encourage applications from qualified candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and from all sections of the community.  For all roles we recruit, experience of working or volunteering for small charities and social enterprises is as relevant, if not more relevant than more formal qualifications.


Strategic Applicant Consultant

Are you an experienced professional who enjoys setting and articulating strategy? Would you like to share your skills with the UK’s most exciting social entrepreneurs? Strategic Applicant Consultants work on our funding rounds, helping to identify and support the most exciting small charities and social enterprises for whom our funding could unlock transformational impact. We actively encourage applications from a wide range of backgrounds and from all sections of the community for this highly flexible ‘low bono’ work. Consultants are remunerated with a stipend per application assessed.

Typically, Strategic Applicant Consultants have substantial experience (10 years +)  in business, public or non-profit sector senior leadership positions, and we particularly invite expressions of interest from those who have not worked in grant assessment roles previously.

We will next be considering applications for this role in Spring 2023, and will host an information session on Zoom beforehand. To receive details of this session and express your interest in the role, please email your CV to and we will notify you when we are considering applications.

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